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  About Bloat/GDV
  A wealth of information on Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus from Perdue University has links for a wealth of resources on bloat
  Symptoms of bloat from several different owners.
  Quick Reference guide to bloat.
  Bloat: The Mother of All Emergencies from Mar Vista Animal Medical Center
  Understanding Bloat and Torsion from Elektrik Borzoi
  And of course, our MAGDRL links page has a host of resources on GDV.
  Pros and Cons of 5 different approaches to prophylactic gastropexy.

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bullet Click here for Mammoth Outlet which has great prices on Dane-sized dog beds.
bullet Kuranda beds are great for Danes who like to chew -- they're virtually indestructible!
bullet Interested in feeding raw? Check these links for BARF and rawfeeding information.