Holistic Healing with Karin Serejski

    Karin Serejski was our guest speaker at MAGDRL's 2004 Dog Owner Education Brunch. She discussed Holistic approaches to caring for our animal friends. And when mine needed a gentler approach to healing, Karin was there for them!

Joya (left) earned her AKC-Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International certificates on April 17, 2004. That day she jumped off the back gate of our SUV and jammed her shoulder. From then on, she was in pain.

After she had x-rays, we found out there was no skeletal damage. After trying 'hard drugs' to try to ease her pain, we brought her to Karin for Holistic treatment.

Here Karin performs acupuncture with electric stimuli. This relieves pain and aids in healing.


We adopted Kuna in July 2004. She came to us overweight and arthritic. Karin started a Holistic regimen including acupressure and Reiki flower essences. Kuna thought she'd died and gone to Rainbow Bridge!!!

With weight loss, natural food, arthritis supplements, and Holistic healing techniques, we hope to have Miss Kuna with us for a very long time!

If you would like Holistic support for your dog, please see Karin Serejski's web site or contact her at: kserejski@holisticpets.net.


This page was created on November 11, 2004