Baby photos age 6 months to 1 year

At 6 months old, Savannah attended a Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League Meet & Greet event on September 23, 2006.


On October 21, 2006 at 7 months old, Savannah wore the Donation Dog jacket at MAGDRL's Annapolis PetSmart Meet & Greet


On October 28, 2006, Savannah was at MAGDRL's Waldorf, MD PetSmart Meet & Greet


Savannah had her first 2007 Meet & Greet in Annapolis on January 20.


We were at the monthly Meet & Greet at Catonsville PetSmart on February 10, 2007.


Savannah was a hit at Waldorf PetSmart on February 24, 2007.


Great Dane Ambassador Dante celebrated his 2nd Birthday on March 10, 2007, and Savannah was there!


Savannah helped her friend Rusty Moonshine celebrate his 3rd birthday on March 11, 2007.

Dr. Steven Wolchinsky of Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital on Savannah's 6-month birthday September 18, 2006.

Here's our baby girl at a MAGDRL Waldorf PetSmart Meet & Greet on September 23, 2006.


Savannah and Marine friend
At our Waldorf Meet & Greet on October 28, 2006, Savannah sits pretty for Rick Allison, a Marine friend who just returned from Iraq.

Savannah with her Mom at Annapolis PetSmart MAGDRL Meet & Greet on October 21, 2006
Halloween Jupiter & Savannah
Jupiter and 7 MO Savannah were at the annual Halloween Pet Party on October 29, 2006 in Riverdale Park, MD.


  Savannah and event visitor At age 10 MO, Savannah was our junior Dane Ambassador at Annapolis PetSmart on January 20, 2007
Dane Ambassador Savannah
On February 10, 2007, Savannah wore the Thankful Paws donation jacket at the Catonsville PetSmart.
Savannah and a Chihuahua friend
At 10-1/2 months old, Savannah enjoyed meeting a little friend at the Catonsville Meet & Greet.
Basic Obedience graduation 02-21-07
On February 21, 2007 at 11 MO, Savannah passed basic obedience class. YIPPEE!!!

Jupiter, Savannah and MAGDRL member Richard Allison at Waldorf PetSmart on February 24, 2007.


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